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Rail (Crane Rail)

The Rail Solution for Crane and Transfer Car Runways

For over 40 years Gantrex® has been providing soft-mount rail solutions for crane rail and track for all types of rail-mounted equipment, especially overhead and gantry cranes. Rail is the fundamental component of any system because it is the surface in direct contact with the mobile machine.

Crane Rail

Whether sections of DIN rail, MRS rail, ASCE rail, Vignole Rail, JIS rail, North American Crane Rail, or any other profile are needed, Gantrex® can help you choose the right rail section for your application. We can supply crane rail and track in all available grades, such as Control Cooled, Head Hardened, High Carbon, DIN 536 Grades and many others.

Rail and Track must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Reliability
  • Economy
  • Life Expectancy

Gantrex® is your ideal partner for rail systems. Backed by our legendary engineering support, years of superior customer service and miles of installed rail around the globe, we can leverage our relationships with the various rail mills throughout the world to help you choose the right rail section, length, hardness and fastenings, (rail clips or clamps) to satisfy the needs of your applications and customers.

Crane Rail Crane Rail

Our access to vast inventories of rail at numerous locations will assure you get the right rail, right on time, right where you need it.

Click below for individual rail data sheets and technical information in pdf format: