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Crane Rail Clips (Rail Clips)

The Soft and Adjustable Rail Clip Solution for Crane Runways

For over 40 years Gantrex® has been providing engineered, adjustable soft-mount crane rail solutions for all types of crane tracks and runways for rail-mounted equipment in the toughest environments and highest duty cycles.

The extensive Gantrex® clip range can accommodate nearly every rail profile produced in the world, including DIN Rail, MRS Rail, ASCE or “T” Rails and US Crane Rail sections, used either with or without crane rail pad. Two main clip types are available, based on the fixing support: either welded-base or through-bolted. Gantrex® offers clips for use with both imperial and metric hardware, and in both single-bolt and double-bolt configurations for all types.

Gantrex® crane rail clips maintain the rail lateral position but allow for needed longitudinal movement through the use of the vulcanize-bonded rubber nose. The nose helps absorb the energy of vertical deflection caused by wheel passes.

Gantrex® crane rail clips are manufactured throughout the world, with primary manufacturing in North America and Europe.

Boltable Rail Clips Weldable Rail Clips
Boltable Rail Clips Weldable Rail Clips

Gantrex® Boltable Rail Clips include the Stelcam™ Series and 3226 Series for imperial hardware, and the 41 Series, 51 Series and 71 Series for metric bolts.

Weldable Rail Clips include the Weldlok™ Series, supplied with imperial hardware, and the 21 and 22 Series weldable clips with metric bolt assemblies. Lower components are weldable forged steel.

Backed by our legendary engineering support, years of superior customer service and miles of installed rail and support systems around the globe, we can help you choose the right rail solution to meet your requirements.

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Imperial Clips


Weldable Clips

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