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Anchor Bolts

The Anchor Bolt Solution for Crane & Transfer Car Runways

The GANTREX® Adhesive Anchor Bolt Assembly or Anchoring Device is used to attach rail soleplates and chairs to concrete foundations or supports. The standard Anchor Bolt Assembly consists of a bolt, washer, nut and adhesive. GANTREX® Anchor Bolts are installed by drilling holes in the concrete deck, mixing the resin and filling the hole and inserting the anchor bolt. The mixed resin performs as an adhesive, suspending the bolt in place until it cures to complete the process. Anchors using polyester-based resin, can be installed in temperatures as low as 10°F (-12°C).

Anchor Bolt

Anchors can be provided in A36 steel, B7 high-strength material, or DIN 976, 529B or 529C. Anchors are also available in hook-shaped and fishtail-shaped styles, in metric or imperial dimensions. GANTREX® Anchor Bolts are either zinc plated or hot dip galvanized, along with the nut and washer provided with each assembly. The anchor bolt assemblies can then be painted or metallized after installation

GANTREX® C30, V60 and VT30 are some of the chemical adhesives for anchor bolts. Also available is the polyester-based resin type supplied either in cans mixed in the container and poured directly into the hole. Convenient high-capacity cartridges, mixed and injected with a gun or glass capsules are also available in either polyester or epoxy resin. The adhesive is designed to create such a strong bond with the concrete that, during a pull-out test, the steel anchor bolts yield before the bond breaks.

GANTREX® will propose a solution to suit your installation loads and local conditions, supported by the appropriate calculations by our own Technical Department.

GANTREX® also manufactures other products such as rail pad for both continuous support (MK6) and discontinuous support (MK2), and of course, rail clips for a complete soft-mount solution.

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